Liquid Damage

It is quite easy to fix liquid spill damage at reasonable costs. Our quotes generally start at £100 and increase depending upon the extent of the damage. It is rare for our costs to exceed £350.

If you approach Apple, the cost can reach as high as £1,250. In some cases, they might even refuse to repair your device due to it being vintage. In a nutshell, we can repair anything that Apple will not.

We will provide you with a full report of what’s wrong with your device and what solutions are available. If your device is damaged too excessively, we will be happy to offer you alternative solutions.

Here are some common troubles:

Undamaged example

Damaged example

Come to us, and we'll repair your device!

Usually, companies outsource component-level motherboard repairs due to lack of skills. When you contact such companies, you talk to an individual who has no idea how to repair your device. It will cause inconveniences.

At Mac Repairs 4U, we will repair your board at our workshop. You will be dealing only with us.

Remember, as soon as you spill something on your machine, you should stop operating it. Powering it on will aggravate the problem and cause corrosion to the motherboard. Bring your device to us, and we will do our best to reduce the damage to a minimum!

Problems we can fix on your spill-damaged device

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